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About Me

Ann Elizabeth Byrne

I have dedicated myself to helping others feel more empowered and fulfilled through meditation and energy work. Every human being has the ability to access the light within, but external stressors can often block us from our true path. As a skilled Meditation & Energy Guide, I work with you to dive deep and explore, freeing your mind and liberating your soul.

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My Offerings

B e g i n     Y o u r      J o u r n e y 

Chakra Energy Healing

Deep Energy Work for Transformation

This 1.5 hour session includes healing methods focusing on your individual needs. Methods include hands-on-healing, pendulum divination, essential oils, smudging, manifestation, meditation and sound.  This session concludes with an assessment of your personal Chakra system. 

Clients describe feeling deeply seen, relaxed and are better able to release negative patterns.

Cost for session: sliding scale $120-$140

Follow-up session: $80

Live Your Blissed Life

1:1 Meditation Guidance

In this four part series, I show you the key components of meditation and some fun tools to use at home. Experience the power of intention setting and manifestation. Supporting you to create your own comfortable and sustainable meditation practice and make positive changes in your mind, body & spirit.  Each session ends with a deeply relaxing Guided Meditation w/essential oils. Cost per session: sliding scale $40-$60 

In person or virtual.

These classes are now being offered on a continual basis.

This series has not only helped clients meditate more regularly but take these tools out into their daily lives.

Guided Meditation

Relax your mind, body & spirit

Prepare to be taken on a journey of sensation. Each guided meditation contains progressive body relaxation and visualization. In person or virtual. $25/$35

Chakra Reading

Assess & Balance

Ever wonder which Chakra's are underactive/overactive and what to do about it? This virtual Reading will give you a complete assessment of each of your Seven Chakra's with recommendations on how to keep them balanced for a healthy mind, body & spirit. End each session with a deeply relaxing guided meditation geared toward balancing your Chakra system. Cost for session: $60

Generation Y Meditate

Teen Meditation Series

This 4 part series includes; how to meditate, fun tools for home practice, easy techniques and anxiety hacks. Cost for session: $20 virtual $40 in person

Group Guided Meditation

Do Something Different

Corporate Events, Bridal Parties, Self-Care Sundays, etc. In-person or virtual meditation. Provide your guests/employees with a unique and meaningful experience. Prices vary.

Deep relaxation results.


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Located creekside in Beacon, New York


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Ann Elizabeth Byrne